E27 4W Moth wing Globe

£11.45 Ex VAT

Description: Moth wing LED filament clear glass globe lamp
LED: Long LED filament strips
Power: 4W
Output: 450lm
Input: 230V
Life time: 20,000Hrs avaerage expectancy
Light angle: 360°
Colour temp: 2300K
Size:  ⌀ 95 x 135mm Ht


Designers comment – 2300K is a measure of the colour temperature in Kelvin. The colour spectrum between infa-red to Ultra violet.

This type of lamp would be best used within a shade of large light fitting. The output is amazing considering the load is only 4W. Replacement for the convention 60W and 40W halogen.

For best results when dimming we would suggest using PWM dimmers or electronic dimmers.

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