Casambi Track Adapter

Casambi Track Adapter
Description: 3 circuit wireless track adapter controlled via Casambi App
Power: 230V
Output: DALI / RGB / 0-10V
Input: N/A
Life time: N/A
Light angle: N/A
Colour temp: N/A
Size: 80.5 x 63.5 x 32.1mm
Colour: Black or White
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Adapter with CASAMBI technology for DALI RGB DIM.0-10V lighting fixtures. White or black colour. The S31 adapter allows complete programming of a DALI network for lighting devices: Management of up to 64 lights; Changing scenes in groups; Diagnostics via Electrical BUS; Testing and control interface. Once the programming phase is complete (by the installer), the S31 adapter allows the lighting system to be controlled through: CASAMBI App: user friendly app that allows lighting equipment to be programming in broadcast, single point (up to 4 devices), and group (up to 64 in 4 groups) mode; the creation of diversified and customized scenes at interface level with images; sharing of the system through the cloud – A.A.G. STUCCHI App: a simplified app that operates without an internet connection or remote server and that can manage the lighting system in broadcast / single point (up to 64 lights) / groups of lights (up to 64 in 4 groups) mode.