B22 4W Bulb

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Description: B22 LED filament clear glass lamp
LED:  Dimmable
Power: 4W
Output: 4W
Input: 230V
Life time: 20,000Hrs average expectancy
Light angle: 360°
Colour temp: 2300K
Size:  ⌀60 x 105mm Ht
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Designers comment – This is a good retro-fit lamp for new and existing B22 lamp bases. note is very warm and best for a cosy feel.

Lighting design – 2300K is a measure of the colour temperature in Kelvin, the lighting colour temperature is measure in the middle of the two extremes, low infa-red to high Ultra violet.

Control – For best results when dimming we would suggest using PWM dimmers or electronic dimmers.

All our products are dimmable because you can so why not.

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