Dino Recessed Downlight

£89.49 Ex VAT

Description: Dino recessed 28° tilt & 395° rotation
LED: Origin engine – mains dimmable
Power: 11.6W
CRI: 98
Output: 931
Input: 500mA
Life time: 50,000 expected
Light angle: 12°-37°-46°
Colour temp: 2700K – 3000K – 4000K
Size: 76mm dia x 85mm
Cut out: Ø64mm

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Dino Recessed Downlight

Designers Notes – I would typical use a twin spot light in a kitchen, retail or gallery space where there are lots of important surfaces and wall to illuminate.

ORIGIN 98CRI – R9 99

The Orgin is an LED engine that I would suggest to use where colour rendition is at your upmost importance may it be with food or clothing. Colour rendition is a scientific interpretation of natural light and how blues, reds and greens are perceived by our eyes.

Richer Reds make all colours more vibrant and whites a truer white. This helps to enhance interior designer’s creation and compliment furnishing choices by showing a full spectrum of colour within fabrics and materials.

Orluna uniquely achieves richer reds through a bespoke phosphor LED giving an exceptionally high average colour rendering (CRI : 98) and the best red rendering available worldwide (R9 : 99). As reds are important in accurate representation of many colours (including true whites) the Origin makes colours look as intended.

Optional LED engines –

  1. Orgin 98 CRI – High Colour rendition.
  2. Orgin Warm DIM – Clever dimming to warm similar the now old school halogen lamp.
  3. Orgina High Output – Brighter than the above 1200lm rather than 900lm.
  4. Orgin Lo Pro – Smaller in height
  5. Quad50 – Orginal Orluna engine for budget and lower illumination requirements.

Accessories –

  • Different colour baffles – Copper, Matt Gold and black.
  • Fire plate, IP54, IP65, Lock tilt and rotate, 3Hr emergency, Honeycomb louve, Frosted lens and LSM cable.
  • Orluna manufacture and assemble in the UK so there is flexibility to suit the project.