Residential Lighting design in Surrey

Residential lighting design in surrey, make your dream home stand out from in the street and the neighbours.

Lighting design and home automation for new and refurbished properties, big and small. Internal and external. WIFI home auotmation can be added to so you can start of with just a mother hub to talk to.

Over 15 years experience, Moth lighting in the business 4 years and more than 10 properties completed.

Home automation systems – Loxone Partner| Lutron | Control 4 | Mode lighting | KNX Partner

Lighting protocol / dimming – Mains, 0-10V, DMX, DALI and WIFI

Designers comment –

  1. Tip one -Please do not make the biggest mistake and allow your electrician to persuade to design the lighting, they may have done it before but best leave to the professionals for the same cost.
  2. Tip two – If you want piece of mind ask to talk to the previous client. More time than none I have spoke to the clients and they feel they could have got more talking to a lighting design.
  3. Tip three – A lighting designer is a passionate person and wants whats best for you and your budget.
  4. Top four – Consider future proofing you house and do not get caught up with what ifs.